The NouTeMe Quality Management System aims to:

  • Meet the requirements, those of our customers as well as the legal and regulatory requirements that apply to us, along with those of other relevant interested parties.
  • Optimize the efficiency of our organization.

Consequently, NouTeMe Management is committed to:

  1. Review / Modify / Define Quality Objectives to clearly appoint those responsible for their compliance and provide them with the necessary resources.
  2. Review the adequacy and suitability of human and material resources to achieve compliance with product requirements and, as far as possible, to increase customer satisfaction.
  3. Motivate all our staff in compliance with the provisions of our Quality Management System in order to optimize compliance with the requirements and expectations of our customers and to make our activity more efficient.
  4. Review the implementation and effectiveness of the Quality Management System and promote its continuous improvement.
  5. Commit to ensuring the safety of workers.
  6. Reduce waste and encourage recycling.
  7. Enhance personnel training as a way to optimize their skills and thus improve the ability of the company to meet the needs of the market.